Tuesday 15 April 2014

Today's Review: Magnum Sandwich

I have returned from my travels to sunny Spain, a holiday full of sun, sand, and stuffing my face. I picked up many a treat over the last week, mostly in the ice cream and chocolate departments, so I first present you with the one that got me excited the day after my arrival: The Magnum Sandwich.

While there have been a fair few varieties of Magnum appearing in the UK lately, before then there was a distinct lack of interesting flavours, although the regular ones are amazing anyway. But the mere sight of this Magnum Sandwich on the boards outside the shops was enough to make me drool.

Yes, it's like a Maixibon and a Magnum had a baby, a beautiful, beautiful baby. The top half consists of the classic Magnum chocolate, sprinkled with almonds, while the bottom is a deliciously soft cookie, and it's all filled with that gloriously creamy Magnum ice cream that we all know and love. The standard chocolatey top is good, but it's all about that chewy, gooey ice cream sandwich at the bottom. It may not beat the Maxibon, but it's certainly on the same level. Good stuff.

My rating: 5/5

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