Friday 25 April 2014

Today's Review: Special K Biscuit Moments: Blueberry

Dieting is hard to do. Salads and porridge will only get you so far, sometimes you just need a snack. Unfortunately, while most snacks are delicious, they're also pretty unhealthy. Thankfully there's a whole load of diet snack options around that, while ordinary not incredibly healthy, can certainly help you stay under your calorie goals for the day.

These Special K Biscuit Moments are one such snack. Inside, you get two biscuity treats, filled with blueberry and topped with a nice cross cross of icing, and it all adds up to 99 calories a pack, which is a pretty good figure. But how good can they taste for so few calories? Well, pretty damn good actually. The biscuit has more of a pastry like texture to it, and combined with the icing and filling, it pretty much tastes like a blueberry Pop Tart. It's fruity, sweet, and actually quite filling for the amount you get. These are probably the best "diet" style biscuits I've had so far, they're pretty much diet Pop Tarts. Delicious, and well worth picking up, even if you're not watching your figure.

My rating: 5/5

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