Sunday 6 April 2014

Today's Review: Kettle Chips Lime & Black Pepper

I do love a nice big bag of crisps every now and then. I normally go for the most outrageous or spicy flavours, but when it comes to Kettle Chips even lightly salted is a good choice. I stumbled upon this new "seasonal" flavour the other day, and while it does sound a little bland, I figured it was worth a go.

There's not too much to say about these. They are lime and black peppers flavour, and they taste like lime and black pepper. It's a nice combination of flavours, and in the right quantities too. The lime is bolder than I thought it would be, but isn't overpowering, allowing the peppery tones to blend in well. This is basically just a nice flavour. It's nothing outlandish, but they're Kettle Chips, and they're tasty. Can't go wrong with that.

My rating: 5/5


  1. Oh these sound epic, can't wait to find them!

  2. This chips seems very tasty. But where can we get it? Do you have the link of the shop?