Sunday 27 April 2014

Today's Review: Pizza Hut's X-Tremely Hot Meaty Pizza

The new X-Men movie is coming out, and of course somebody had to do a tie-in with it. Pizza Hut have done the job this time, and released a whopping total of four new pizzas (well, combinations of pizza toppings), all under the tag of "X-Tremely". There's the X-Tremely Meaty, which contains seven, yes, seven, different meats; the X-Tremely Cheesy, which consists of an extra special margherita with extra cheese and a cheese sauce; the X-Tremely Hot Meaty, with Roquito sweet chillies, jalapeños, onions, pepperoni and hot sauce, and the X-Tremely Hot Veggie, which is the same as the last one, but without the meat. Obviously, being a spicy food fiend, I went with the hot pizza, because who doesn't like three kinds of heat on one pizza?

I was actually quite surprised by this pizza. I regretted my decision soon after ordering, thinking I probably should have gone for the massively cheesy pizza as I wasn't in much of a spicy food mood. Thankfully, when it turned up it wasn't as hot as I was expecting. It's certainly hot, yes, but it's nowhere near the level of Domino's nightmare pizza "Meltdown: The Revenge", which made my stomach want to eject itself from my body rather than suffer the cruel torture any longer. The peppers are plentiful, but the spice is never overwhelming, only bordering on a bit too much if you get a combination of all three spicy ingredients in one bite. I was a little disappointed at the poor meat offering though. It's called the X-Tremely Hot Meaty, so why is there just pepperoni? The purely meaty pizza has a whopping seven meats, how hard would it be to add a bit of chicken or something? As such, aside from the peppers and hot sauce, this pizza is a bit bland. But it's still nice for those who are looking for a nice bit of spiciness. I'm still left daydreaming about the X-Tremely Cheesy though... Oh well, any excuse for pizza.

My rating: 4/5

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