Friday 29 May 2015

Today's Review: Cadbury Freddo Faces Dessert

I don't normally linger in the yoghurt aisle, but perhaps I should, as today a friend presented me with this Freddo Faces dessert. I've dabbled in some other Cadbury yoghurt-type products, and have rarely found fault with them, and this one promised even more enjoyment. It's a Cadbury Dairy Milk dessert, with a side helping of Freddo Faces. What could go wrong?

The answer is, quite simply, nothing. The dessert itself is a wonderfully smooth, creamy, chocolate delight. It's not too sickly, not too milky, and has that undeniable Dairy Milk taste. The Freddo Faces are exactly like their bagged counterparts, nice thick chunks of chocolate that are quite simply perfect. You only get five in the pot, but really that's plenty, especially when enrobed in the creamy dessert stuff. This Freddo Faces pot is a tasty, filling dessert that is definitely worth picking up while it's around.

My rating: 5/5


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