Saturday 9 May 2015

Today's Review: Sunkist Fruit Foams

Foam sweets are a pick 'n' mix staple. But I've never been overly keen on them, I've just popped them in my cup for the sake of tradition. There are only so many bananas and shrimps a man can take before he tires. But Sunkist are looking to revolutionise the foam sweet industry, with these summer fruits and strawberry flavoured offerings.

Each sweet is in the shape of something suitably summery, like a surfboard or a camper van. They're pretty neat designs, but underneath is the sugary, slightly gritty texture that we all know and love (well, maybe not love). These sweets are slightly more chewy though, which was quite nice, but they're still pretty sickly.

As for the flavours, they're not bad. The summer fruits has hints of berries, and is quite a smooth fruity experience. The strawberry is more intense, a full on bold flavour that get a little sickly, but it's certainly better than the classic old foam banana in my opinion. These foam sweets from Sunkist may not be perfect, but they're a lovely variation on some classic sweets, and are worth a go.

My rating: 4/5

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