Wednesday 20 May 2015

Today's Review: Haribo Bear Buddies

I am back from my holidays, and as such I've wrestled control of my posting schedule away from the internet robots. I found a fair few interesting items on my sojourn to Menorca, and reviews of those shall follow, but a quick trip to Tesco for essentials earlier led me to discover this interesting bag of Haribo. Yes, Haribo counts as essentials. These are bear buddies, kind of like Gold Bears, but really not at all. These are a mixture of sour and sweet fruity flavours. I first thought you'd have to mix and match to get the recommended flavour combinations, but it turns out they're joined together hand in hand, hence the "buddies". Aww.

Look at that, so cute. So, here we have a sour orange paired with a sweet apple, a sour lemon coupled with sweet cherry, and a sour redcurrant latched onto a sweet blueberry. They all sounded pretty tasty, and in fact they all are. The sour flavours are definitely that, very tart, bold fruits that don't overwhelm the senses, but certainly gives a nice tingle that doesn't let up until a while after the sweet is gone. The sweet flavours provide a nice balance, a smooth undertone that helps to carry the sourness, so really they work together to give a very nice aftertaste. As for the individual flavours, I can't really fault them. Each part tastes like their respective fruits, even with the added sour and sweet elements, and they all work very well in tandem with each other. Even though I often prefer darker flavours, I enjoy each of these varieties equally. This is a tasty bag of Haribo with a very neat idea, and I hope they become a staple bag in the future.

My rating: 5/5

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