Thursday 7 May 2015

Today's Review: Hungry Horse's Mac 'N' Cheese Burger

Last year I reviewed Hungry Horse's Double Donut Burger, a decadent, calorific delight that was pretty damn amazing for a bunch of meat sandwiched between glazed donuts. But now the Double Donut burger is no more, the menu has had a bit of a revamp. So in place of this clearly unhealthy burger offering is... another unhealthy burger offering. This is the Mac 'N' Cheese burger, a beef patty, two bacon rashers and some salad, in between to deep fried macaroni cheese "buns". It's certainly an interesting (or disgusting) idea, and I was definitely willing to try it out after the donut burger.

The first thing I should say about this burger is that it's wholly impractical. I expect to be able to pick a burger up, that's why it's a burger. But I couldn't even lift this thing off the plate without the mac 'n' cheese falling apart. I probably should have guessed from the amount of grease pooling on the paper, but at least I managed to put it down without covering my hands and face in molten cheese. This was a knife and fork job for sure, and those words should never be uttered in the vicinity of a burger. But enough about the composition, let's talk about the taste. The macaroni cheese buns are actually pretty good, a nice crispy batter with a generous helping of chewy, cheesy goodness inside. It complements the meat pretty well too, so it's quite a tasty package. The innards do leave a lot to be desired though. The Double Donut Burger offered two beef patties, cheese, and four rashers of bacon for a tenner. This burger just has the one beef patty and two bacon rashers, along with some pretty boring salad, and the whole dish will cost you £9.50. Sure, the macaroni cheese is well done, and it's a big draw to the dish, but I couldn't help but feel underwhelmed for the price I paid. Still, I left pretty full and satisfied, deep fried cheese will do that to you I guess. This certainly isn't the best burger offering Hungry Horse has had, but it's worth a go if you fancy a healthy dose of grease.

My rating: 3/5

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