Friday 8 May 2015

Today's Review: Doritos Roulette

It used to be you'd eat Doritos while playing games with some friends. But why do that when the Doritos can be the game? Yes, this bag of chips is a game of chance, a roulette, or a Russian roulette? Well, it depends on if you like your spice or not. The majority of the bag consists of Tangy Cheese Doritos, but there are the odd chips that promise to be "ultra spicy, ones that "may bring you to tears". I decided to take those phrases with a pinch of salt, especially as the pack also states that one in every handful is spicy. Who eats Doritos by the handful? I'm a known face stuffer, but even I don't feel comfortable eating more than one chip at a time (yes, I know it's just an expression). But enough about semantics, how hot are these spicy chips?

For a few minutes I was pretty disappointed with these. Not just because the majority are Tangy Cheese, a flavour I'm really not too keen on, but because I ate a fair few without encountering spiciness of any kind. I thought I'd been had, or that my spice seeking tastebuds were proclaiming Doritos' efforts to be inferior. But then it happened. I ingested a chip that left a telltale burning on my tongue, and a pretty damn intense one at that. It's a lingering, habanero style spice that really is hotter than any other Doritos flavour, be it Chilli Heatwave or JalapeƱo Fire. After eating a couple of chips, even I had to take a little break to cool off, and I regularly inhale spicy crisps to completion. So yes, this bag would make a great little party game, the spiciness is definitely a surprising hit if you're least expecting it, a radical change from the Tangy Cheese that make up most of the bag. It's just a shame that the hot chips are few and far between, I didn't find all that many throughout, and since I'm not a fan of the cheese I can't say I fully enjoyed these.

It would be great to see an entire bag of these Hot Chilli Doritos, although I think that would cause a fair amount of pain. So their application in this Roulette bag will certainly do the trick for now. I may not be a fan of the cheese, but I know a lot of people are, and this bag is certainly a very good twist on your regular Doritos experience. So give them a go, and try not to cry.

My rating: 4/5


  1. Just get a pack of normal Doritos and shake a jar of chilli powder in it! Salt 'n' shake spicy style! I used to do this with Original hula hoops and ground black pepper, make your own flavours :)

  2. I tried these the other day.
    All was going fine until I found 'the hot one'.
    Jeez, these things are lethal! I had to stop eating as my mouth was almost on fire.
    I like spicy crisps but these are so hot that it just overpowers any sense of taste to the point of pure pain.
    I tried again a few nights later but couldn't continue. In the end they went in the bin.