Monday 4 May 2015

Today's Review: Vimto Mini Sour Pencils

Just when I think I couldn't possibly find another variety of Vimto sweets, I always seem to stumble upon one. This is a pack I found in Home Bargains, that preys upon two of my weaknesses: Vimto and pencil sweets.

Yes, these are mini, sour Vimto pencils, although only three of those words are completely accurate. They're certainly small, I wasn't quite content without eating three or four at a time. They're certainly pencils too, packing a lovely soft, smooth centre that was pretty moreish. The Vimto flavour is pretty undeniable too, a bold blackcurrant flavour that's in keeping with all other Vimto products. Unfortunately there's just a little too much of the filling going on for the flavour to stick around. As such, these sweets are quite sickly, focusing a lot on the creamy fondant in the middle. The sourness was a pretty big let down too, the most I got was a bit of a tingle on my lips, but any hint of tanginess was immediately lost while chewing.

I was pretty disappointed with these sweets. Sure, the fondant filling is nice, but the balance is all off, and where there should have been a great Vimto flavour, I was just left with some pretty below average sweets. There are better out there.

My rating: 2/5


  1. I brought them today , I hated them left a funny taste in my mouth after , smelt like vimto but didn't taste anything like the drink