Wednesday 13 May 2015

Today's Review: Bebeto Yogurt Gummies

I'm away on holiday now, so the next week's reviews will be brought to you by the magic of internet computer wizardry. As such, I'm trawling through some stuff I've tried in the last few weeks that didn't quite make the daily cut. Such as these gummy sweets, for instance. I found them in Home Bargains for a very reasonable 29p, and it didn't look like there was much that could go wrong. They're berry flavoured, with a bit of yoghurt thrown in (not that they could spell "yoghurt" right), they sounded pretty tasty to me.

Oh, how wrong I was. These sweets are not nice. There's a fruity element to them, sure, but it's pretty chalky and hard to tell which flavour is supposed to be which. They may have been okay if the fruit was all that was going on here, but the yoghurt element is just not pulled off well at all. It's a heavy, almost sour flavour, it's as if they found some yoghurt that had been left out of the fridge for a few days and decided to chuck that in there. As such, these sweets are an overly chewy, pretty sickly experience. There's a little bit of a nice fruit flavour to be had, but it's not worth the effort. I suggest staying away.

My rating: 1/5

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