Wednesday 9 March 2016

Today's Review: Cadbury Dairy Milk Mixed Buttons

It's another Cadbury product, this year certainly has been a busy one. This bag of Buttons isn't particularly revolutionary, but it does herald the return of the white Dairy Milk, which is something of an event whenever it happens. Cadbury Dream used to be quite prolific many years ago, but otherwise the white chocolate offerings are few and far between. So yes, these are Mixed Buttons. Some are white, and some are the classic milk. That's all there is to it, but sometimes chocolate doesn't need to be fancy to be good.

Half of these are the standard Dairy Milk, so that's a good start. They're as good as always, a lovely creamy chocolate, although I'm used to the Giant Buttons by now, so these were quite small and thin in comparison, I had to shove in a lot more to be satisfied with the taste. As for the white chocolate buttons, I'm not too sure. They're creamy, sure, but they're not all that great, with a slight chalkiness to them. With so many other companies offering some well known white chocolate products, these fall quite flat in comparison, they just lack the flavour that I'd expect to find in a good quality white chocolate button. After eating these, it's easy to see why Cadbury white chocolate isn't more prominent. This isn't an awful bag of chocolate, but I'd take a completely milk chocolate bag any day. These are interesting for a change, but the quality of the white chocolate makes it decidedly average.

My rating: 3/5


  1. I quite liked these! It does beg the question though, is the white chocolate Dream or is it a substandard variety? Hard to tell with Cadbury these days as they'll cut costs at any opportunity..

    1. Pretty sure it's a poor imitation, I remember liking Dream quite a bit, but these didn't do anything for me.