Thursday 10 March 2016

Today's Review: Cadbury Time Out Wafer

Bet you thought that was it for new Cadbury products, didn't ya? Well, that's their secret, captain. There are always new products. This is a Time Out Wafer, it's like a Time Out, but with wafer I guess, even though the original has wafer anyway. So more wafer? I was a little confused as to the purpose of these when I picked them up, but since then I've learned the horrifying news that the original Time Out is no more, and this is what's in its place.

So what's the difference? Well, the original had a nice centre of rippled chocolate, Flake style chocolate, sandwiched between two wafers. This one has none of that funny business, instead opting for the one thick wafer with a little bit of chocolate spread between the layers. If that last sentence makes me sound disappointed, it's because I am. I didn't eat Time Outs all that often, so I guess I contributed to the decline in popularity that led to it being pulled. But don't go an replace it with a different, inferior version. This bar still tastes chocolatey, sure, and there are worse things to snack on, but it's mostly wafer, and as such it's pretty dry and disappointing. I get that the goal is to provide a nice calorie friendly snack, but they could have launched this alongside the original Time Outs, I'm sure sales would have increased with people just not wanting to buy this one. Okay, this bar isn't awful, but it's not good compared to what once was, and it's going to be a sad reminder that something significantly more chocolatey was once available. Why, Cadbury, why?

My rating: 2/5


  1. Note to self: run and buy some proper-style Time Outs. Not a favourite, but BUY, by god. While I still can.

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    1. It's not Cadbury you should ask "why?". Cadbury does not exist anymore and is merely a brand name of Mondelez International. The reason why is profiteering. It's cheaper to produce a regular wafer that a wafer with flake in the middle. Corporate greed over consumer choice yet again.