Saturday 19 March 2016

Today's Review: Aero Mousse Caramel

The Aero Mousse bar came out last year, and I can't say I was too impressed. Sure, it was the same old Aero chocolate, but I was expecting more of a mousse-like texture than the bar provided. Granted, I haven't had one since, maybe my bar just wasn't representative of the brand. But now there's a caramel variety out, so I decided it was time to dive into the mousse once again. Mmm, diving into mousse sounds delicious.

While I struggled a bit to find the difference between Aero chocolate and Aero mousse in the other bar, this one makes it pretty apparent. There's the good old Aero chocolate either side, and a sizeable lump of caramel mousse throughout the middle of the bar. I've got to say, this one delivers on the mousse front, the already soft chocolate gives way to an almost gooey, sweet centre that packs in a lot of caramel flavour. This is how an Aero Mousse bar should be, and I did thoroughly enjoy myself making my way through this. As I said before though, there is a lot of caramel flavour, and at times it overwhelms the chocolate quite a bit, it's a very bold, sweet flavour that, while tasty, is a little too much. Still, I much prefer this bar over the original, although I may go back and see if my opinion on that has changed since that one bar last year. Pick this one up while it's around though.

My rating: 4/5

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