Sunday 6 March 2016

Today's Review: Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough 'Wich

I reviewed the new Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough S'Wich up flavour a while back, and lamented that the "Wich" in the title wasn't heralding the return of the fantastic cookie ice cream sandwich that got discontinued years back. I remember snatching them up in the shops, and even when they started disappearing from the shelves I could occasionally get a sample at the annual Ben & Jerry's festival (yes, that was once a thing). But, it turns out I was wrong in my previous review, as like a phoenix from the ashes the 'Wich has risen again, and this time it's got cookie dough pieces embedded in it. Should I stop there? The 'Wich is one of my favourite ice cream products of all time, I'm sure we know how this review is going to turn out. But for the sake of completion, I'll soldier on.

Look at that, just look at it, it's glorious. It is quite a bit smaller than the 'Wich used to be, or maybe I'm just bigger, has it been that long? I admit I felt a tinge of sadness regarding the size difference, but I'm a lot more conscious about my portion sizes now, and it's a fairly decent heap of ice cream and cookies, so I'll roll with it. 

It's as good as I remembered, oh yes it is. The cookie is fantastically soft and flavoursome, with a chocolate swirl that really just makes it perfect. We all know how good the Ben & Jerry's cookie dough pieces are, and this is just a slightly baked version of that, and it's just the right consistency. The ice cream underneath is great, these guys know how to make ice cream, so that's no surprise. It's a lovely, creamy filling, and this time round there's the added bonus of the classic cookie dough chunks, which add even more biscuit flavour and a great gritty texture. This ice cream sandwich is great, I've been waiting years for this moment, and I am not disappointed. It's a lovingly crafted, filling chunk of goodness, and they'll have a presence in my freezer for as long as they're around.

My rating: 5/5

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