Saturday 5 March 2016

Today's Review: McVitie's Digestives Nibbles

Britain would crumble without its biscuits, but they're not always easiest to share or transport in their natural state. Now McVitie's are changing up the biscuit game, by creating these Nibbles. They're like Digestives, but in small, spherical form. I love a good Digestive, so I snapped these right up. I got a the caramel and double chocolate flavours, but these are also available in milk and dark chocolate. The double chocolate is a combination of those two though, so I figured they'd be a good representation of what's on offer.

If you've had a McVitie's Digestive (and I'm sure you have) then these taste exactly like you'd imagine. The biscuit is as good as ever, nice, crunchy, bite size nuggets that are quite simply delicious. The coating is pretty much the same as the differing varieties of Digestive. The caramel has a lovely sweet taste layered underneath some creamy chocolate, while the double chocolate offers both bitter and sweet, and while it's slightly on the dark side, there's enough milk to stop it being too rich. I can imagine the solely dark Nibbles would be a bit much for me, but these are pretty good. The only thing I found is that the coating is a little, shall I say, artificial tasting. I assume it's something in the process to ensure the pieces don't melt easily and stick together, but it seems the chocolate on top of a proper Digestive is a lot cleaner. It's not a major gripe, these make for a great sharing bag, and I hope other biscuits take on this form soon enough. Nibble away.

My rating: 4/5

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