Wednesday 16 March 2016

Today's Review: Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk

With all the new Cadbury products lining the shelves at Poundland recently, I was surprised to find another one nestled in with the chocolate bars. This is Dairy Milk Silk, which is like Dairy Milk but smoother apparently. Upon further research I discovered that this isn't a new UK product, but in fact an established brand in South Africa and India. Not that that's disappointing, it's nice to get some import stuff for a low price.

Well, this is Dairy Milk, which is always a good start. Looking at the list of ingredients, they're identical to your classic Dairy Milk bar, so I guess it's a slight change in ratios or production that give this a smoothness, It may have just been my brain expecting a different taste, but this bar does seem to possess a different texture than regular Dairy Milk. It is somewhat thinner and smoother in shape than the chunky UK bar, and it seems to melt in the mouth slightly faster. I also detected a bit more sweetness than I'm used to, despite the overall texture being smooth there was a hint of sugary grittiness, which isn't too bad, but it didn't sit well with me in comparison to the classic.

This bar is an interesting one. What exactly makes it different from the UK Dairy Milk? The shape? The process? The South African milk? Or is it all in my mind? All I can say is that while it's still some very good chocolate, it doesn't quite match the original. It's worth trying out for yourselves though.

My rating: 4/5

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