Sunday 22 May 2016

Today's Review: Lucozade Zero Pink Lemonade

After reviewing the orange Lucozade Zero the other day, I vowed to seek out the pink lemonade flavour, and I would not rest until I found it. Thankfully I found it the very next day, so I can relax a bit now. Yes, Lucozade have brought out their "zero calorie" drink (there are some calories, just not many) in two varieties, and fortunately for me they're based on my two favourite flavours. I went through an obsession with the pink lemonade a year or so ago, so now it's nice to know I can start chugging it again without fear of piling on the pounds, just the as far unfounded nagging feeling that some obscure health problem in later life will be exacerbated by my inordinate aspartame consumption.

But hey, I should probably figure out if it taste good first, right? The good news is, it does. Again, it does suffer slightly from the swapping of glucose for sweeteners, there is a certain chemical aspartame taste that sticks around for a little while, but since all zero calorie fizzy drinks have it I don't count it as too much of a loss. Nowadays I'd rather take the sweetener after taste over the gritty, tooth rotting feel of a load of sugar. Besides, before the sweetener kicks in, this stuff tastes a lot like the regular pink lemonade Lucozade. A satisfying fizziness, a sweet combination of lemon, cranberry and raspberry, I was pleasantly surprised. These Lucozade Zero drinks are a great addition to the range, and I'll be adding them to my list of preferred low calorie drinks. Great job, Lucozade.

My rating: 4/5 

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  1. Ooh I bought this today to take with me to work tomorrow having read your fab review of the Orange flavour. Looking forward to it even more now :) xx