Monday 23 May 2016

Today's Review: Costa Popcorn Cappuccino

Summer may not quite be here, but the summer menus sure are. Costa have rolled out their iced fruit drinks in all their tantalising flavours, but they've also stuck a new addition on the hot drinks menu as well, because nothing says summer like a popcorn flavoured cappuccino, apparently.

This is a cappuccino with a popcorn flavoured syrup, that's about it, nothing too special, but it is quite a novel idea. Whoever prepared it must have been excited, because they over-zealously applied the chocolate on top. I got quite the hit of popcorn syrup on my first sip, and it wasn't all that pleasant. It taste an awful lot like the popcorn flavoured Jelly Belly, and while I don't find them awful, it's not the best representation of popcorn I've had. So the first few sips weren't particularly great, but as I pressed on the popcorn flavour mellowed out somewhat and blended in quite nicely with the coffee. It seems a lot of the flavouring was concentrated in the foam, and the stuff underneath was a lot more bearable, and had quite a nice toasted popcorn taste. There was just that imbalance in there that wasn't all that great, and while this is an interesting idea, this cappuccino definitely doesn't beat a drink made with some of the more classic syrups. It's not bad, but it's not particularly great.

My rating: 3/5