Saturday 21 May 2016

Today's Review: McCoy's Thick Cut Crisps

McCoy's are a classic crisp brand, and in my opinion they do one of the best salt & vinegar flavours around. Their regular shape is the good old crinkle cut, but they've decided to do something a little different and straighten their crisps out for this meaty multipack. They may be flatter, but they're also thicker cut, and come in some interesting flavours, like beef & onion and BBQ chicken. Meaty crisps may not be my thing, but I've tried McCoy's ones before and been pleasantly surprised, so I figured I'd give these a go.

These taste pretty good. Obviously not the same as cramming a joint of beef in your mouth, but each flavour has a nice meaty hint, and the onion and BBQ elements are factored in as well. The thing is, the flavouring isn't really that strong, and I think the flat crisps are to blame. I'm not sure whether it's just a myth that ridges seal in more flavour, but it seems to be the case here, the classic meat flavours made more of an impression on me than these. Also, the pack states that they're thicker cut, but I really can't see a difference in thickness between these and the regular McCoy's. Sure, they're thicker than your average crisp, but in terms of McCoy's they seem pretty much the same. What's more, these ones seem a bit... how do I put it... empty. The crisps seem a lot less substantial and a little aerated, they don't pack the satisfying crunch you get with the classic varieties. So all in all, while these don't taste too bad, the composition seems wrong. Stick with the ridges, guys, it's what you do best.

My rating: 2/5

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  1. I agree completely with what you said, didn't enjoy at all, something not quite right.