Monday 30 May 2016

Today's Review: Cadbury Crunchie Spread

Cadbury already have a chocolate spread on the market, and it's pretty good. Obviously, Nutella is the king, but sometimes I may not be in the mood for hazelnut. A rare thing, I know, but hey. So this is a variation on the Cadbury chocolate spread, it's pretty simple really, it's got Crunchie pieces in it. But sometimes simple things can be great things, and I saw nothing wrong with the idea of having bits of honeycomb mixed in with my chocolate spread.

The chocolate spread base is as good as ever. It's smooth, creamy and above all, chocolatey. The one thing I do find with Cadbury spread is it's a little solid, meaning it's not as easily spreadable as others, but it's a relatively minor thing that doesn't affect the experience too much. The addition of the Crunchie pieces is a stroke of genius, and thankfully they've really packed them in the jar. The smell upon opening was distinctly like that of a Crunchie bar, and every single mouthful had a great crunch and a sweet honeycomb flavour. I was worrying that there wouldn't be enough honeycomb to go around, but at at times it seems the honeycomb even outweighs the chocolate. It's quite sweet, but still good. This is a fully realised spread that I can't seem to stop eating. I may falter a bit on the spreading, but it doesn't matter too much, it's all getting crammed in my mouth in a short space of time...

My rating: 4/5

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  1. OK that looks AMAZING. Like you I agree Nutella is king but Cadbury chocolate with crunchies? Yes please! Just found your blog and look forward to checking out your other reviews.