Friday 20 May 2016

Today's Review: Lucozade Zero Orange

I extolled the virtues of Orange Lucozade almost five years ago, it's always a drink I can turn to when I'm not feeling too great, most like due to a psychosomatic response than anything else. I love a Lucozade, but I also don't really like sugar filled drinks, so there has been a bit of a disconnect between the two for a while. Sure, there have been some lower calorie Lucozade flavours popping up here and there, and I always figured a true diet Lucozade experience would be forever a dream, seeing as it's a glucose based drink and all. But I have been proven wrong, with the release of this Lucozade Zero, a Lucozade with no calories. Well, that's a lie, it does have 20 calories per bottle, but that's certainly a marked improvement in calorific content. But at what cost?

Comparing the ingredients of this and the standard version, it seems the only real difference is the fact that this contains no glucose syrup, and instead goes for some sweetener. That makes sense in the scheme of cutting out the calories, but I was pretty sure it would badly affect the flavour. Truth is though, this isn't bad at all. It doesn't possess that slightly thicker texture that the original has that lets you know you're chugging sweet, glucose goodness, but it still seems to be a substantial drink, and the orange flavouring is still pretty good. The sweetener is noticeable throughout, but it's not that much of a distraction, and I don't think I've met a diet drink yet where it's not at least a little obvious. Besides, the other flavours do quite well at distracting from the sweetener, and while I was sure this drink would fail, it's still a good bottle of Lucozade. There's also a pink lemonade flavour that I haven't yet found, but I know I'll be tracking that down as soon as possible.

My rating: 4/5


  1. i thought these were really good for a zero cal version as well!

  2. I was really impressed with the taste. I generally hate the taste of diet and zero calorie version of drinks as I find the taste of sweetners repulsive but this version is lovely. I will be swapping my lucozade.

  3. I am a regular lucozade drinker if I can find it around £1 - which is most of the time if shopping in Poundland. I have tasted lucozade zero for the first time and this stuff tastes foul. - It tastes like every drink with artificial sweeteners - you know the stuff that gives you altzeimers. There is very little fruit joice - just carbonated water a few drops of rconstituted juice and artificially crap. Nothing energising about it at all. Goodbye Lucozade, I remember you fondly, but I wont touch this stuff.

  4. When is lucozade zero orange coming back in supermarkets