Thursday 19 May 2016

Today's Review: Hula Hoops Salt & Vinegar Golden Hoops

Hula Hoops Puft came out last year, and while they were pretty good, they weren't close to the originals. Now there's another variety on the shelves, in the form of these Golden Hoops. They're going for a baked approach this time, baked crisps are a big thing now, it's a healthier way to shove carbs in your mouth. So what makes these golden hoops different from the regular Hula Hoops, which are themselves golden hoops?

Well, they look like that. They look like Hula Hoops that have been rolled up and stretched out a bit, but the baked element makes for an interesting change in consistency. The texture is more like that of a bread stick, it seems more substantial than a regular Hula Hoop, and it still has a satisfying crunch. I thought it may have a negative effect on the flavouring, but it's actually slapped on pretty generously. It's a lovely, tangy salt and vinegar flavour that even sticks around after the hoop is gone. So quite simply, these are great. Crunchy, flavoursome snacks that give the original Hula Hoops a run for their money.

My rating: 5/5

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