Wednesday 25 May 2016

Today's Review: McDonald's Tex Mex Stack

It's the last of this year's Great Tastes, not that I managed to try the first one, but the New York Stack was pretty fantastic. So I was looking forward to the Tex Mex Stack, it promised spicy, and spicy is my jam, or rather, my chilli jam. This burger features a double beef patty, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, nachos and a "spicy sauce", all wrapped up in a "hot and spicy bun".

There's a lot of spiciness promised here, and this burger does deliver amount of heat. It wasn't immediately noticeable, but after eating there was a lingering spice on my tongue that was pretty nice. I was expecting a little more based on all the spicy elements chucked in there, and I have to say I didn't find the bun particularly "hot and spicy", it's no red Burger King bun, that's for sure. The nachos were another interesting addition to this burger, but in practice they were pretty underwhelming. There was some crunch to it, but a fair proportion of the nachos were a bit soggy and gave more of a chewy effect. All the ingredients add up to a fairly nice burger, it's just the new additions weren't as good as I thought they'd be. Bring me another New York Stack, this one just ain't as good.

My rating: 3/5


  1. I love zinger burger...

  2. I had one of these from a McDonalds in Hertfordshire.. my personal opinion is yuk.. the nachos were like eating cardboard, the flavours were uninspiring and the whole thing was like eating a soggy dog blanket with cheese... never again !!!..

  3. The one I had looked like someone stepped on it the sandwich looks nothing like the one advertised the burgers are half the thickness and the salad half as much , surely this can't go on McDonald's getting away with false advertising,!!!!!