Saturday 4 June 2016

Today's Review: S'mores Pop Tarts

I've had my eye on these Pop Tarts for a while now, and finally found them for a decent price in B&M. It's like a s'more, but in Pop Tart form. That means chocolate and marshmallow in the middle, and a chocolate frosted graham cracker crust. Sounds delightful.

Tastes delightful too. The filling is a lovely combination of the two fillings, sweet, chocolatey, with a satisfying, soft ooze of marshmallow that melts wonderfully in the toaster. As for the outer casing, I wouldn't say it's true graham cracker. It's a little soft, as you'd expect in a Pop Tart, but it does have quite a distinct graham cracker flavour, and the chocolate frosting is a nice addition. I was looking forward to these for a long time, and they're worth the wait. They're not as good as a fresh made s'more, but they're pretty damn close.

My rating: 4/5

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