Wednesday 22 June 2016

Today's Review: Vimto Mini Jelly Beans

Vimto have dabbled in a wide variety of sweets, and most of them are pretty good. One corner of the market they hadn't touched, however, was jelly beans, but now they're gunning for it. These mini jelly beans come in three flavours: Original, cherry and strawberry. Yes, the strawberry ones are green, but at least they're a very noticeably different colour apart from being a different shade of red. I appreciate that.

These jelly beans are pretty juicy, I'll give them that. They do appear to have a nice amount of fruit juice in them, but it's not all good stuff. The texture is a little gritty, you can definitely tell there's quite a bit of sugar packed into these. As far as the flavours go, the strawberry is maybe the worst of the lot, I can't say they tasted a whole lot like strawberry. Maybe the colour threw off my taste buds, but it wasn't very authentic. The cherry and original are nice enough though, not completely true to the fruits, but they provide a nice, bold, fruity flavour. I was expecting a little more though, the grittiness isn't great, and maybe if all the flavours were good this could have scored higher. But this falls somewhere in the middle of Vimto's sweet range.

My rating: 3/5

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