Thursday 9 June 2016

Today's Review: Choc Nibbles

I spied these on the shelf at B&M the other day, and at first I wasn't sure whether they were pet food that had been wrongfully placed in the food aisle. That little window into the bag makes it look like it's filled with rodent fodder, but after confirming that they were, in fact, meant for consumption by humans, I didn't hesitate in grabbing a bag. These are, apparently, "the original nobbly nibble", which is as good a description as any I guess. They consist of pieces of chocolate, mixed with caramel and dusted with icing sugar.

These are interesting, at least that was my first thought. Small, powdery sticks with a strange texture. But once I got over the nuance and settled into them, I found these to be utterly delicious. The chocolate is fantastic, as evidenced by the prominence of cocoa butter and cocoa mass in the ingredients. It has a light, milky flavour with a hint of dark, and the caramel adds another layer of sweetness and provides an ever so slightly chewy texture. The icing sugar, while most likely only there to stop the things sticking together, is actually a welcome addition, a light dusting that mixes in well with the other elements to make a great tasting, chocolatey treat. I'm glad I took a chance on these, they're awesome, and I'm definitely a nobbly nibble convert.

My rating: 5/5


  1. That's very kind of you to review our Choc Nibbles chocolate treats and of course we are delighted that you think they're 'awesome'! Thank you for making our day and rating them 5/5. You're the best - with thanks Choc Nibbles Team

  2. If you think these are good, you should try our Nestle Swiss Assorted Dark Chocolates. They may make rethink your rating system. Nestle

  3. I literally used to buy a pounds worth of these every day after school as a child, they're amazing! Oh and Choc Lick mmm