Friday 24 June 2016

Today's Review: Tesco Jellybean Jumble Bites

Tesco came out with a new range of bakery bites a while back now, and so far I've avoided these ones as they didn't really appeal to me. But during today's shopping trip I was lacking in new products, and I re-read the description on these and figured they were worth trying at least. These bites consist of jelly beans, chewy fruit pieces, marshmallow and biscuit all coated in white chocolate.

It sounds like an odd mixture of flavours, and it is. I skipped out on these for so long because I was sure the difference in textures between all the elements would result in an uneven chewing experience, and in that respect I was right. After the chocolate and biscuit have been chewed away, the fruity bits still remain, and it's a bit of an odd sensation. The taste, however, isn't all that bad. It definitely benefits from having white chocolate over milk, it's a lighter taste, and while it's not the best quality chocolate, it adds a layer of creaminess to what's underneath. The biscuit and marshmallow aren't bad, the biscuit is a little soft, but it has something of a crunch to it. Even the jellybean and fruit pieces aren't all bad, but they're more on the generic sweet side rather than the good Jelly Belly stuff. So there's good and bad all over the place here, it all adds up to a pretty average bag of bites. They're better than I thought they would be, but they're still not great.

My rating: 3/5

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