Wednesday 29 June 2016

Today's Review: Maltesers Cookies

There have been a few cookies popping up based on Mars confectionery, such as Bounty and Mars. I thought that's all I could ever want, until I spied this nice red bag on the bakery shelf in Tesco yesterday. Maltesers cookies, what could go wrong? The bag contains four malted chocolate cookies, embedded with pieces of Malteser.

The malted chocolate cookie is the most interesting part of this, and it's pulled off quite well. The biscuit is predominantly chocolate flavoured, but there is a slight hint of malt to it that stops it being your average chocolate cookie. It's not particularly strong, but it is something a little bit different. The Malteser pieces are quite generous in size, but they only seem to be concentrated in the middle of the cookie. I guess that makes sense from a logistic point of view, but it makes the surrounding biscuit a little bland in comparison, despite the malty flavour embedded in it. The Malteser pieces themselves aren't fantastic either, they provide a nice crunchiness but that bold Malteser flavour doesn't fully materialise. Don't get me wrong, these aren't bad cookies, they're definitely chocolatey and have something of a malty twist to them. But for what I was expecting these disappointed somewhat. I'll probably stick with the other Mars adaptations in future.

My rating: 3/5

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