Sunday 2 July 2017

Today's Review: Fruit Salad Bunch Of Bon Bons

Bon bons, and Fruit Salad, together? My little mind was blown upon picking up this bag. I'm always up for classic sweets being reworked, Squashies are great, for example. But it seems these guys aren't content at just making Fruit Salad bon bons, there are also strawberry and lemon ones chucked in the bag too.

I wish they'd have stuck with the one flavour. The strawberry and lemon are just not particularly great compared to others I've tried. The Fruit Salad bon bons are great, they taste just like the classic sweets, and that pineapple and raspberry really shines through in this bag. Unfortunately, despite tasting good, these are not some good quality bon bons. They're barely chewy, quickly giving way to a somewhat powdery, very sweet mush that just seems to be pure sugar. It's been a day since I ate these, and my teeth still hurt. I have sensitive teeth, I know, but I could almost feel them rotting away as I made my way through the bag. Soft, yes, chewy, not so much. They taste okay, but despite the Fruit Salad flavour being good, the others are just not great. I don't think I'll pick these up again.

My rating 2/5

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