Friday 7 July 2017

Today's Review: Forgetting To Write A Review And Then Going To A Beer Festival

I probably had about an hour or two between work and going out tonight, but apparently I neglected to scrawl a quick review to stick to my self-imposed review per day. Now I find myself minutes from midnight, with a fair amount of cider coursing through my system, attempting to put together something to publish, I've used the Backspace key more than I'd like to admit, but I hope this is coherent enough to make some sort of sense. The main message to take from this is that reviews are fairly hard to write while quite drunk, and I'm sure I'll return in my hungover state to attempt to correct any typos I've made while hastily scrawling out this nonsense stream of consciousness. Don't drink and write, guys, it's not efficient at all.

My rating: 1/5

Well, two typos, I suppose that's not too bad.

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