Wednesday 5 July 2017

Today's Review: M&Ms Peanut & Hazelnut

Caramel M&Ms are taking their sweet time coming over here, but while we wait we have this new variety to tuck into. Well, half a new one anyway. This bag contains your regular peanut M&Ms, alongside some hazelnut ones. Chocolate coated hazelnuts are by no means a new thing, but let's see how the M&M treatment works out for them.

Unlike the difference between peanut and chocolate M&Ms, there's no particular way to discern peanut from hazelnut in this bag, so my taste buds were a little confused at first, trying to identify the nut amidst the chocolate coating. But, after a while, I figured it out, and there was some pretty good hazelnut nestled beneath. There's not too much to say really, nice hazelnuts covered in that awesome M&M chocolate. Nutty, chocolatey goodness. It's just a shame that they're blended in with the peanut, because it's hard to single out the flavour and enjoy them to the full. I understand it would probably be more expensive to bring out just a bag of hazelnut, but I feel that's what they need to get my full appreciation.

My rating: 4/5

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