Saturday 8 July 2017

Today's Review: Dunkin' Donuts Pear Woodruff

Summer donuts are here! Well, any time of the year is donut time as far as I'm concerned, but these ones are fruity flavoured, so I guess that fits the bill. There's a trio of new varieties out, but this one seemed the most interesting, it's a Pear Woodruff, I mean, I had no idea what Woodruff was, but apparently it's a very sweet herb, so there we go. If only I had some natural Woodruff to compare it to, but unfortunately my herb garden is lacking.

The pear comes in the form of the filling, and it's an interesting change. I've had a few with apple filling from Dunkin', so it's similar, fruit chunks in a juicy syrup, but the pear twist is pretty nice, with a pretty bold flavour that works well with that great soft dough. The Woodruff seems to be present in the frosting, and there's a lot on top, which is a bit of a shame because it's pretty sweet and overwhelming. It detracts from the pear a bit too much rather than complementing it, but there's enough there to make this pretty fresh, and it's a good sweet tasting donut. I think there just needs to be more balance. Now to try out the other fruity offerings.

My rating: 4/5

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