Sunday 13 January 2019

Today’s Review: McCoy’s Muchos Nacho Cheese

I tried out the chilli chicken Muchos the other day, and found them to be a novel, flavoursome tortilla snack. The folded chips are awesome and allow for a taste explosion, and the same can be said of this variety. I don’t normally go for just the cheesy version of crisps, but this one promised nacho cheese, which I correctly assumed would mean spicy goodness. They’re not outrageously hot, but a nice hint of spice builds up gradually underneath a satisfyingly cheesy base flavour. It reminds me of chips dipped in the Doritos nacho cheese sauce, not quite as good, but a good overall taste for a cheesy bag of tortillas. These Muchos are good, I hope they bring out some more.

My rating: 4/5


  1. Have just tried Muchos Nacho Cheese flavour. I can say that I will be getting these again. They were spicy but not to spicy. Will try the other flavours in this range.

  2. These snascks are just the best, piss all over doristos could be responsible for putting on a bit extra wieght lol