Friday, 28 September 2012

Today's Review: Eyebrows

We, as a species, have reached a plateau in our evolutionary process. Advances in modern medicine has ensured that the unfit don't die out, and the increased importance of emotion and character in relationships means even the ugliest person can make sweet love and pop out troll babies. So now we are stuck as we are. We're probably not going to grow wings, or extra limbs, we're just gonna stay this human shape forever. With its appendixes and eyebrows.

Seriously, eyebrows? What's the point in those things? Sure, they allow us to more adequately display our emotions, but is it really so hard to figure out what another person is trying to convey without needing two hairy caterpillars twitching around on top of their face? They may be useful for catching dirt and such, but we've got eyelashes for that, and I think they're much more effective considering they're actually on top of our eyes. But eyebrows are just pretty useless. Sure, we may think people without them look weird, but that's only because we've somehow become accustomed to random thick hair patches that need to be kept in check to avoid them bridging our nose and making us look even stupider. Eyebrows are weird.

My rating: 1/5

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