Saturday 1 September 2012

Today's Review: Doctor Who: Asylum Of The Daleks

Huzzah, The Doctor is back, and right in the midst of his worst enemy. But, surprise twist, they need his help! You see, they need a planet full of broken and insane Daleks, the titular asylum, taken care of before the inmates escape. The reason behind the potential escape? A ship has crash landed through the forcefield, and the one remaining survivor has spent her time messing with the Dalek systems, and becoming obvious future companion material.

So yes, a lot of different elements at play here. The Daleks asking The Doctor for help, a sassy marooned space lady, weird human-Dalek amalgamations, and also Amy and Rory now hate each other. A bit too much to fit into 50 minutes? I believe so. Sure, the story was quite well fleshed out, especially the final moments featuring our new character, but everything seemed a bit too rushed and squeezed in. For a planet supposedly populated by millions of Daleks, we only saw about 15, and the whole sub-plot regarding Amy and Rory's relationship seemed completely pointless.

Still, I have some faith in this series. It's all part of a massive climactic arc, so I've read, so everything must have its place. I'm interested with how the end result of this episode pans out to the rest of them, and I hope some of the plot elements that seemed a little hollow here get fleshed out later on. But this is Moffat's Doctor Who. It was hard not to enjoy it. Matt Smith was as fantastic as ever, and while questions were certainly left unanswered, it was quite an enjoyable episode.

My rating: 4/5

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