Monday 10 September 2012

Today's Review: The Pirates!

Whether it be The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists, or The Pirates! Band Of Misfits, this movie is the same and they just named it differently for some stupid reason. Still, The Pirates! is a 3D stop-motion adventure from Aardman Animations, creators of Wallace & Gromit and a few other things that I've not been particularly interested in. Well, Chicken Run was good.

The Pirates! follows the misadventures of The Pirate Captain, a not-so-fearsome man who doesn't particularly have the best luck when it comes to pillaging. But intent on winning the pirate of the year award, The Pirate Captain and his crew step it up a notch, and before long stumble upon Charles Darwin, who informs them that one of their possessions is valuable to the scientific community. However, pirate-hating Queen Victoria may have her eye on it too...
I wasn't sure what to expect of this movie. I knew I was in relatively safe hands with Aardman, but I'd really heard nothing else about it. Thankfully I really enjoyed it. The animation is wonderful, with great effects and awesome attention to detail. The performances are great too, there are some really high class names in here, like Hugh Grant, Martin Freeman and Imelda Staunton. I didn't even recognise a few of them until I read the credits, especially Hugh Grant, so it just goes to show how they all put some effort into it and didn't just phone in their roles. Granted, they have a fantastic script to work with, with some great jokes and one liners, but the performances were certainly one of the best things about the movie.

I don't think I can find much fault with it. It's an awesome film with beautiful animation, a tight, funny script, great physical comedy and some fantastic performances. Definitely one to watch.

My rating: 5/5 

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