Wednesday 5 September 2012

Today's Review: Forks

Who ever came up with the idea for a fork? It's a weird concept, if you want to jab something and pick it up, why not just use a stick? Or a knife? But no, someone must have one day been using a single boring stick to jab at their food with, and then suddenly come across some freakish stick thing with several prongs and realised how much more potential this had to be awesome at eating with. Or digging with. Or whatever else different varieties of fork are used for.

So now we have forks, and I don't know how the human race could survive without forks. We'd all have to learn to eat with chopsticks, and that would be infuriating and take ages. Forks are amazing. We've even given the prongs of a fork their own special name, that's how amazing they are. There may be two tines, or three or more, but forks have changed the way we jab at the food on our plate, so much so that no one probably knows what people did before the fork. It was probably discovered before fire, because then people needed something hot to hold their forked food over. Forks are timeless, and useful, and without them we'd all starve to death with chopsticks in our hands. Seriously, chopsticks are weird.

My rating: 5/5

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