Saturday 15 September 2012

Today's Review: Coltsfoot Rock

I got a comment from a lovely person at online sweet shop The Gobstopper the other day, saying they'd like to send me some tester sweets. How could I say no to that? The answer is that I couldn't. I was given free reign of their delicacies, and although there were plenty of great classic sweeties on offer, Kola Cubes, Fizzy Peaches and the like, I settled for something a little... different. Lo and behold, a couple of days after emailing them my decision, a nice sturdy box arrived in the post, with a little something extra. 

The treats on the left were my choice. Coltsfoot Rock. The description on the site, and anywhere on the internet for that matter, was so mysterious that I had to give it a go:

"These hard sticks of brittle rock are flavoured with Coltsfoot, a plant with hoof shaped leaves. Once used for its medicinal properties, the juice was used as a cough cure and to relieve asthma."

So yeah, that sounds interesting. What do they taste like? I didn't know, because all I could ascertain was that the plant's leaves look like hooves. But that's what I'm here for. To seek out weird and wonderful things and let you know if they taste good. If you like your liquorice then you're in for a treat, because there's some liquorice extract in there too. I'm not such a fan of it to be honest, but thankfully it's just subtle enough not to overwhelm the whole flavour. The "coltsfoot" flavouring isn't too distinct, but the result is quite a smooth, medicinal-like sweet that felt like it was doing my throat some good on the way down. If only I still had that cough I had a few weeks ago. All in all it's pretty nice. I was quick to judge it based on the liquorice smell/taste, but once you get used to it it's all good. If you're after something different in amongst your bags of sweeties, you can't go wrong with this.

My rating: 4/5

Yes, not content with sending me one bag of free sweets, the lovely Gobstopper folks threw in five boxes of Atomic Fireblast, and they sure live up to their name. They're tiny little candy balls that will set your mouth on fire. Sounds good to me, I like my spicy food, but unfortunately the burning is accompanied by an intense cinnamon flavour, which I just can't get on board with, what with it being one of my mortal food enemies. Cinnamon lovers should enjoy them though.

My rating: 2/5

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