Wednesday 12 September 2012

Today's Review : Strawberry Fields Tic Tacs

I don't really partake in Tic Tacs too often. The thing is I don't really like mint, and the only time I do crack open a box of these is when I find a new flavour. The standard orange and lime are nice, but the tropical ones were even more so. But now we have Strawberry Fields, how could I resist?

While it may look like the flavours are strawberries and cream, in fact we have two different types of strawberry in the pack, "dark pink tart" and "light pink sweet" Both are nice, although the lighter colour certainly has more of that creamy feel to it, and the darker ones are sometimes a little overwhelming with their flavour. Still, pop one of each colour in your face and you're in for a good time. Of course, there is that fresh, almost minty aftertaste after you've chowed down. I don't particularly like it, but hey, these are Tic Tacs, of course it's gonna be that way.

This is a nice addition to the Tic Tacs line up. Strawberry is always a good flavour to go with, and they've managed to squeeze two different flavours into the tiny packet. Still not as good as the tropical ones, but it's pretty close.

My rating: 4/5

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