Tuesday 11 September 2012

Today's Review: Mike And Ike Lemonade Blends

If you havent tried Mike And Ike before, you're missing out. They're nice little chewy capsules with some great flavours. So imagine my delight when I found this box of Lemonade style sweeties. They're like your regular flavours, but with lemonade.

Sound weird? I guess it is. Especially when one of the flavours is lemon anyway. But still, they're all quite nice. The lemonade twist gives them a nice sour kick, and despite them tasting a little watered down and lemony, the lime tastes like limes, the raspberry tastes like raspberries, and the snozzberry tastes like snozzberries. I mean strawberries. Stupid autocorrect. (Not really, that was a pop culture reference. I bet you'll never get it.)

You want to know how good these are? I polished off the box in one sitting and didn't leave any for my children. That's what they did to me, and I'm not even mad.

My rating: 5/5

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