Saturday 8 September 2012

Today's Review: Walkers Deep Ridged: Salt & Malt Vinegar

You know what you do when your average crisps are getting boring? Go deep. Ridge those bad boys up. But what if they start to get stale as well? Walkers have the answer. You go deeper. So here we have Deep Ridged, the crisp that takes no prisoners and compares itself to mountains. Or something. I've never really believed all that hype about ridges. Everyone tells me that they allow the more flavour to hold on, but no one has ever given me a scientific explanation for how that is true. Sure, McCoy's salt and vinegar crisps are pretty damn flavoursome, but so are Chipsticks, and they're just sticks. I don't buy it.

Still, there certainly is more flavour packed into these bags, it's just probably not the ridges that caused it. It's a nice, strong flavour, but that's my thing. It may be a little overwhelming for some, but for me it was just right. But there is a problem with the ridges. They just don't feel right. When you start to chew there are edges slipping around all over the place, it's just an awkward, jagged eating experience. Compare it to the sublime Pringle, which fits nicely over the tongue either way up, and these will surely make your mouth wish these crisps were flatter.

Still, they taste nice, and that's what counts. I just don't think they're that necessary. They're a bit too awkward and just seem like a gimmick. I think I'll stick with regular ridges. Or maybe the sticks. They're simple too.

My rating: 3/5

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