Sunday 3 March 2013

Today's Review: Dr. Pepper Zero

Another day, another no carb drink that allows me something sweet for once. A few years ago I used to guzzle down Dr. Pepper, wondering what the worst thing to happen could possibly be. Well, it wasn't the worst, but I did go off it after a while. I've stuck pretty solidly to other soft drinks since then, dabbling in the Dr. on the odd occasion, but now my options are limited, and Dr. Pepper seemed like a nice option to have in a no sugar form.

I was right too, this drink is pretty nice. Despite having no sugar, the flavour is still pretty bold, and pretty accurate to the original. Sure, it has that distinct "diet" taste, but it's not as defined as the one present in Diet Coke or the like. Plus, if you didn't want the diety taste, why buy a diety drink? This is certainly one of the better "zero" drinks I've had, in fact I bought another bottle today.

My rating: 5/5

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