Friday 8 March 2013

Today's Review: Sock Hangers

Once you've done a wash load, it's pretty easy to set the clothes up to dry. You can drape most things anywhere, preferably on a line or a clothes horse, because they're often quite large and square. Towel, t-shirts, jeans, they're all easy to fold over and keep in place. But then we get to thing like underwear, especially socks. While you may have some luck with a peg on the clothesline, for people like me stuck with a clothes horse it can be a nightmare of endless amounts of socks slipping off when you look away. Even one nudge on the thing and it's all over. This is where the glorious sock hanger comes in.

Not just for socks, it can be for any kind of underwear or small item of clothing. It's a nice sturdy piece of plastic that can hang from your clotheshorse, onto which are attached quite a number of small clips that will hold those pesky garments in place and give them enough free hanging time to dry out. I guess it's like a compact clothesline with the pegs already attached, and it's a perfect way to get all those tiny clothes dry quickly. I', sure when these things first came out it was a laundry revolution.

My rating: 5/5

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