Tuesday 19 March 2013

Today's Review: Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are like notes, but they're sticky. Actually, they're not quite like notes until people have written on them, but you know what I mean. Once upon a time, the only sticky notes made were Post-It Notes, out of a plant in Kentucky. But now the patent has expired, everyone is making these suckers, and why not? Sticky notes are a great idea.

Say you want to write a note, but don't want it buried among all your other paperwork because you live like a slob. Well, just write it on a sticky note, and stick it somewhere you can easily read it later. Of course, if you're that disorganised you'll quickly have a whole load of sticky notes everywhere, and it won't be too organised. But in essence it's all a good idea. You can put notes on the fridge, your computer monitor, mirror, door, wherever you like, as long as the glue holds out.

Sticky noted come in many different colours, but the default colour appears to be yellow, I guess for the sake of standing out, the same logic applied to highlighters. Which makes me wonder, if you write on a yellow sticky note with a yellow highlighter, does it stand out twice as much? No, of course it doesn't, those products don't work together. But sticky notes are the best note-based invention since the non-sticky version of the same notes. You'll never forget anything again (not a guarantee).

My rating: 4/5

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