Friday 1 March 2013

Today's Review: People Who Carry Around Large Wads Of Cash

I see it all too often at work. I've rung up a customer's goods, told them the price, when suddenly they present a massive wad of notes, handing me a single £10 or £20. Often I can't believe it. This is 2013, why are people still walking around with several hundred pounds of cash in their pockets? Technology exists now, use it.

I rarely carry much cash on me. I use my debit card wherever I can, but often have around £10 in order to buy smaller items at places that don't have card machines or have limits on how much you can spend on card. £20 is the most I would ever carry around with me, unless I was immediately on the way to paying someone. I wouldn't dare walk around with a large wad of notes for no particular reason, because if you get mugged holding a bunch of notes, they'll be gone, and gone forever. At least with debit and credit cards you can easily get them cancelled straight after the event. All sensationalist media aside, we should be careful nowadays, because people like to pick easy targets, and a person with a wad of money in their pocket is not really my idea of a safe and savvy person.

I understand why some people carry large amounts of cash. Perhaps they've just been paid in cash because they like to dodge tax, or they can't have a bank account because they're criminals. Or maybe some other, perfectly legal thought process that I don't understand. Perhaps they just got a bunch of cash out to get them through the day. But I work in the evening, and regularly see people producing several hundred pounds from some random pocket, thumb through it slowly and give me a single note. It's all I can do to stop myself saying "Dude, put it in a bank. Seriously, they may be run by a bunch of bonus grabbing bastards, but your money's a lot safer in there than it is almost spilling out of your hands"

My rating: 0/5

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