Saturday 30 March 2013

Today's Review: Being Drunk

Drunkenness is an odd state of mind. While its clearly a sign that your body has been poisoned, it's a well accepted part of society. Being drunk has all kinds of negative effects on your physical and metal wellbeing, but it seems to be the main aim of many people, the reward you treat yourself with after a working week.

First of all, I find the taste of alcohol to be quite objectionable. Even after you have become accustomed to the taste, the mental effects start to kick in. Dizziness, lack of self restraint, the whole shebang, which can lead to all sorts of negative physical aspects such as stumbling, vomiting, and soiling oneself. Drunk people also tend to be a lot more violent, or violently ill, than is normal, leading to a lot of negative effects on people's wellbeing, emergency services and the like.

Yet, drunkenness also bestows some positive mental aspects. You appear to have more fun, things are more funny. In my own personal experience, it has givens confidence to speak more openly and more often than usual, perhaps due to a boost of self confidence, but still positive for my normally quiet and awkward self. So while I may vomit if I drink in excess, and while I may find the constant pursuit of alcohol to be detrimental to society a a whole, being drunk is something I can enjoy on occasion. Besides, I wrote this entire review while drunk, and I think it's probably more articulate than most I've written lately.

My rating: 3/5

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