Monday 20 May 2013

Today's Review: Burning The Roof Of Your Mouth

I'm sure we've all been eager to sink our teeth into some freshly cooked, piping hot food. Too eager, perhaps, for while our teeth can chomp through it just fine, the roof of the mouth is slightly more susceptible to heat, because it is made of flesh. Many a time I have chowed down on some food that I assumed was just slightly too warm, only to spend the rest of the day nursing a nice shiny burn with my tongue. Involuntarily of course, because the last thing you should do with a burn is keep rubbing it with your filthy mouth muscle.

It only takes a split second, one mistake, and that mouth burn could last for several days. It's not even like you can leave it alone to heal. Apart from the aforementioned tonguing, your mouth is always in use, be it filling with saliva or taking in the food and drink you need to survive. So when the roof of your mouth is burned, there's no choice but to live through the painstakingly slow healing process. Burning the roof of your mouth is sucky and painful. Plus there's the times when little bits of skin start to peel off and then you eat them. That's just gross.

My rating: 0/5

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