Saturday 18 May 2013

Today's Review: Inside Pockets

Pockets are very useful. Depending on their shape and size, you can keep all manner of things in there, from wallets and phones to rubbish and small animals (I don't put small animals in my pockets, but I could). Without pockets in my trousers and jackets I would be at a loss every single day. But you know what's better than a pocket? An inside pocket.

Nothing pleases me more than buying a jacket to find that it has a pocket on the inside, or two, or maybe even more. You see, the one problem with regular pockets is that they can be quite susceptible to robberies. Not that I've ever had anyone steal something from one of my pockets, but the opportunity is definitely there, especially with baggy clothing. An inside pocket eradicates that danger, and only leaves you open to robbery if you let someone manhandle your clothing, and I'd hope you'd only let trustworthy people do that.

So whereas before I would feel a little bit apprehensive about putting quite valuable things in my pockets, I will certainly put things in my inside pockets. Favourites include keys, passports and tickets, and all three of those come into play when I go on holiday. If I don't keep them very close to my person, in a conveniently accessed yet secure spot, I won't be able to get home again. So if you need to carry some things around, and don't trust your regular pockets, you need to get some inside ones. It's the next best thing to surgically implanting them in your skin. Not that that could in any way be considered the best option.

My rating: 5/5

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