Monday 13 May 2013

Today's Review: Dripping Taps

It normally happens when I am at my laziest. When I have finished doing some housework, or preparing a meal. Having settled down on the sofa, intent on relaxing, it begins. Slow and soft at first, drip... drip... drip. But after a while it speeds up. Tiny droplets of water building on the edge of the tap, before gaining enough mass to fall into the sink below. A single occurrence, perhaps a noise ignored. But when it is constant, and increasing in frequency, it becomes maddening.

I mean, I just sat down. I have to weigh up the benefits of getting up to switch the tap off, or staying where I am, and the tap wins every time. It may be the annoying repetitiveness of the sound, it may be the fact that water is being wasted lies heavily on my soul. If it's the hot tap the same goes for my heating bill. But once that tap starts dripping, my body lets out an involuntary sigh, and prepares for the inevitable trip to stop it. My thoughts and actions dominated by a leaky hunk of metal. Dripping taps suck.

My rating: 0/5

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